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Department of Transportation

Every hero needs a cool ride. Superman has his ability of flight, Spiderman has his web-slinging, and Batman has the Batmobile. Imagine being caught in the middle of Times Square freezing in your tights and having to catch the bus to get the bad guy – not going to work very efficiently!

This is a final rendering of Johnny Justice’s SUPERBIKE. It is unlike his other bike (which has joysticks replacing the handlebars) in that he is able to sit in it similar to a car, and it has mega-horsepower to boot. It is a two-wheeled vehicle and the tires are a sort of hybrid off-road/street tire (you never know if the action may take you off the pavement!). The controls are similar to a sport bike, but instead of leaning over them, the handlebars are positioned directly in front of him like a steering wheel. The glass is a low-light intensity polycarbonate lens that enhances visibility at night. The glass was rendered in photoshop. The wheels are beadlock rims that are found on extreme off-road vehicles that enable him to drop the psi in the tire and not worry about it coming off the rim (each bolt around the rim is actually going into the tire) at higher speeds or dangerous situations.

J out.

Pretty cool concept. The renderings pretty good too. I would recommend checking out the link below. This site has some very cool sample work from various amateurs and professionals alike. Just start browsing and I'm sure you'll get some form of inspiration. If you like transportation and design then this site is for you!


Good stuff.

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