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Getting Personal

This is a picture of Hootie from "Hootie and the Blowfish", and he looks as though he wants his Top 40 single back.

Things are great here in the south.

I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon, and although I am "all grown up", I still have the very same goal - draw and publish my very own comic book. It all started waaaay back in junior high school when I met a couple very talented guys named Michael Rawls and Matt Lord who shared the same passion for comics as I. We even attended a "How to Draw Comics" workshop which was held in the back room of our local comic book shop. We actually made the front page of our local paper as well. I'll have to dig that clipping up sometime and post it. I was quoted in the article, but my name was spelled incorrectly (as was my buddy's) in the photo caption. Neither one of my buddies do any type of comic art anymore, which gives me no competition to worry with =) All the best, guys.

Anytime I run into former classmates, I am always asked, "Are you still drawing comic book stuff?" or "I remember you used to sit behind me and always draw in your notebook during class..." It never fails. The answer, of course is, "Absolutely."

J out.