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The Name Says It All

This is an old logo design I dug up that was to be used as our company logo for distribution of "Johnny Justice". The actual color is not represented here - just all the colors of the "printing press rainbow", C, M, Y, and K (that's Mr. CMYK to you, buddy).

Being a marketing student, I've found myself constantly critiquing other companies' logos. It's amazing to witness the effects a logo has as far as striking that "first impression", and how some companies can project a theme with simply a good logo design. I guess that's why all those marketing researchers get paid the big bucks =)

I wanted to use a name for our company that was relevant to comic books, and not something random or non-comic oriented (sorry, Kitchen Sink Press!). It was either adjectives or sound effects (Biff! Bam! Pow! Comics has a nice ring to it...), and the former won the coin toss although the latter may be used in the future. This, of course, is provided that no one else wants to publish our book, but I have above average expectations on that subject...

J out.