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Props to the Lady

This is a “Friday night” pinup done of LP9. I managed to find a couple pieces of sketch paper although it definitely is not the right type for ink washes, as it tended to curl and warp every time I added another shot of watered down ink =)

I named the sniper rifle “Bolt-Action Betty” because it adds a little femininity and personalization to LP9’s character. Also, she can nickname it “BABS”, lol. I am enjoying the usage of simple lines on characters because it allows for the details to be rendered in washes, yet highlighting the creases, seams, etc. This is a hard technique to pull off at times because you have to find the balance between too many and too few lines. Too many, and the drawing can look like overkill with the washes; too few, and the piece looks too sparse. At least this is what I have found.

J out.

Hey Jason, this is Derek. I was dropping by...I don't actually blog, although I have a xanga site that I rarely update anymore. Anyway, just admiring the work...I'm considering taking some art classes at Tech. I'd like to get better at drawing (what I can do right now is terribly limited...I'm really bad with perspective, among other things) and I thought perhaps you and I could talk some time about it. I figured, if anyone, you may be able to give me some advice.

I realize you're busy with work, school, and a family, so just reach me when you can. Leave a comment or you can e-mail me at lars212k@yahoo.com


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