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Second Time's a Charm!

Johnny Justice is one of those "could really happen" stories in that the characters have no "superpowers" per se (not saying that people with superpowers don't exist!). Each character is handled and treated individually and with thorough research in order to establish a proper realistic connection to the reader.

The main character, John Justice works as museum curator, and the above pic of LP9 (short for Love Potion Number 9) works for the Department of Homeland Security. Her role is an important one, and she shares a little of the spotlight in the book.

On the original drawing, there is a wall behind her and she's about to round the corner. In the background we see a torn-to-pieces Middle East, as if she's in the middle of a warzone. I thought it appropriate since she works for the Dept. of Homeland Security. All of this is still pencilled in, but I haven't sat down to finish the inks yet.

This is a second attempt at an ink wash, and the more I play around with this technique, the more I want to incorporate it into the book. Who knows, all the pages may be redone to incorporate this theme. Aside from the ink washes in Jim Lee's "Hush" storyline, I have not seen it used extensively. In speaking with others, the general consensus has been to use this method for the entire book. I've even had a suggestion to use the ink wash with consistent spots of color ala Frank Miller's "Sin City" which would be really neat, providing I can afford the press bill! I actually used a tad of Photoshop on this piece for a "sepia" tone which is reminiscent of photographs taken in the old west.

I'm indifferent as to whether or not I like it more than the traditional b/w, but it looks unique nonetheless and adds more personality in my opinion.

J out.