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Secret Identity

For those of you that didn't read DC Comics' "Identity Crisis", I have this to say, "Shame, shame, shame..." You only missed out on literally the largest event of the year. In fact, more than one DC employee got a little emotional over it...

DC Comics' forthcoming "Identity Crisis" event may not remake the DC Universe, but it should shake things up. At least, it's shaking up employees at the company: One veteran staffer recounted reading the script for first four issues, punching the wall and then calling up series writer Brad Meltzer to curse him out for ripping the reader's heart out. And when said staffer later read the finished pages, it provoked the same reaction all over again. -CBR

According to Bob Wayne, VP of Sales and Marketing at DC, the trade paperback will not be released until at least a year after the hardcover. The hardcover is scheduled for late 2005. Can't wait? Too bad, that's the way it is.

You can preview a couple of pages from issue #5 here.

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