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Shake Yo' Thang

Music plays a huge role in mood setting and inspiration. Although I've found myself recently not listening to anything while I draw, there have been times when I was going for a certain mood in a piece and finding the right soundtrack or album to listen to was the ticket. It's amazing how (I suppose it's subconscious) a song can find its way onto the Bristol board!

This was part of a cover design of a debut CD (appropriately entitled "issue 1") for a local band, Rosenthal, here in Louisiana. I did this drawing a year or so ago one night when I didn't feel like working on any pages. This drawing was actually done prior to me knowing they needed a cover for their CD, but when I found the band was comprise of college-aged members, I felt that the "bubbly personality" of this character fit rather nicely along with their music.

Their music can be heard here.

J out.