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Sole Provider

It occurred to me when I was designing Johnny Justice’s costume that the typical boots found on most other superheroes would not work if I wanted to maintain a sense of practicality. It struck me as odd that just about every tread pattern on a superhero’s boots were that of a regular work boot. I understand the need for durability, but it makes no sense as far as maneuverability goes.

I designed the soles of the boots to have a tread pattern similar to those found in running shoes. If you are chasing bad guys or jumping around wouldn’t you want something lightweight and flexible versus clunky and cumbersome? Johnny Justice has (as most other superheroes should) good agility and his entire costume was designed around the notion that he would be moving around a lot and needed flexibility. Thus the “hyper-soles” were born.

The upper boot is kangaroo – a type of leather found on most top level soccer shoes. Once again, flexible and lightweight. And no, there is no Nike swoosh on the sides =)

I also incorporated this into LP9’s shoes as well because it just makes sense, darn it.

This is a shot from the actual book – sorry for the quality (no access to a scanner). I generally work off of pretty rough pencils since I ink the pages myself. CLICK ME for a larger version.

J out.