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Waiting Room

One of my pet peeves has always been doctors’ offices inability to efficiently schedule appointments for their patients. For some reason, this occurs with any type of practice. I especially love it when my name is called and I get to wait in another room for half an hour. It definitely pays to bring ample reading material or a sketchbook.

This particular sketch was done as a “warm up” drawing when I anticipated an hour-long wait to see my optometrist. Surprisingly enough, I was admitted in less than ten minutes so I wasn’t able to sketch the other people around me or the nice fica tree in the corner =) The rest of the image was rendered in photoshop one day when I was bored.

I like the concept of mixing old and new, but tweaking it to make something original, all the while retaining elements from the past and the present. That’s why I incorporated the halftone pattern in photoshop to give a Lichtenstein-feel to the drawing.

J out.