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Big Fat Black Marker

This started as a warm-up sketch of Black Widow, but I ended up adding inks to experiment with a marker. I found that some of the same effects used with a brush can be done with a thick marker - and in a lot less time!

One of the infinite joys of having kids is watching their expressions. My son gives you that "Uh oh, I'm in trouble" look whenever you tell him to "Come here!" So I thought maybe he would respond better if Natasha told him to "Get over here right now!" LOL

A better look.

J out.

This quick sketch/black marker study piece turned out really nice. I don't know if it is because you loosened up when sketching this out or if it was the big black marker thing, but this drawing has a very nice loose feel to it. Plus her anatomy is pretty spot on, especially when compared to some of your other work. Good job.



I definitely "loosened up" on this piece and the post of Havoc. The "big black marker thing" helps out a lot in that department. Thanks for stopping by!


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