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The Cowboy Way

I really enjoy watching westerns – especially the older ones. So why didn’t I just draw a cowboy? Because Logan is one of the few remaining “cowboys” in the comics universe, that’s why…and I also wanted to take a stab at drawing him.

I think it would be neat to bring back the Western genre to mainstream comics. We need a dose of non-politically correct dialogue and actions; kind of a “quit trying not to step on everyone’s toes” type of feel, lol.

Say your prayers, sucker…

J out.

You've got a lot of great stuff on this Blog! wow lots of just intense creativity, I'm glad I checked your site out Now I can Steal your Ideas !!! LOL
Your pics are great I'll check back in later!!!!


Thanks for stopping by!



I so agree about adding Western back to mainstream can't say much because of my time, so, later.


This is another piece that I like A LOT! :D

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