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Let Freedom Ring!

In the tradition of drawing existing characters, I thought I would take a stab at Captain America. This sketch is actually only 50% finished, as I have not added the ink wash yet. For aesthetic purposes I colored his shield, and I will probably continue this theme (leaving only his shield in color) after the sketch is completed.

This gives you a glimpse at not only a work in progress, but also as to how detailed (mainly spotting blacks) I generally get in preparation for inks. The scanner did not pick up the background pencils which depict the wall he is leaning against, an American flag, silhouettes of three fighter jets, and a New York skyline pre-9/11. I added the imagery purely for symbolic purposes – because Cap is the embodiment of America.

J out.

Hey Jason it is Matt...I love this piece!!! Cap is my all-time favorite character and this is really an amazing take on him. Excellent!

Hey, I really like this one. I'm curious to see the final product all inked up. The imagery in the background really works, I really wish it could have shown up on the scan so everybody else could see.

Thanks for viewing, guys!

Hopefully, I will finish this piece in the near future, but chances are I have already moved onto another page in the sketchbook...always looking forward, never backward...=)


Wow, you really nailed this one man! Very nice!!


Man, coming from you that means a lot! Thanks for stopping by!


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