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Rogue's Gallery

I honestly haven’t read an X-Men comic since Jim Lee’s run, and my favorite mutant era has always been Silvestri’s for some reason. I can’t tell you what Rogue’s current costume looks like, but with all the “Ultimate” this and “MK” that, I decided I would try my hand at an update of what I could picture her as. No “battle armor” or anything fancy like that, just newer clothes…and the same white streak in her hair.

Once again I used markers for the heavy blacks. I’m finding this to be a real time saver for my sketchbook entries, and I can save the real stuff for the 11x17 Bristol…

J out.

Hmm I alwyas thought I left a comment somehwere here. Well anyways its the same with me. Jim Less run on X-men was the best. The only X-MEN story I v read after that has to be Astonishing X-Men...but only that one time cause they decided to bring back Colosseus. But yeah I dun get what Marvel is trying to do with X-MEN these few years. kinda sad. but im just talking out from my ass since I really dunno whts been going on...but I can care less. Anyways Roughe always looks better with fewer stuff on. keep it up.

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