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Venger Concept no 3

A shot of the Venger in action. The pants/boots are a bit different from the previous two concepts. Not sure if I like the “one-piece” pant-boot or a separate boot…

I’ve tried to maintain the same background feel throughout the sketches for consistency purposes.

J out.

Yo, man,

Sorry I haven't been able to post lately but I do have one minute, I liked the idea of him having kind of more normal pants than the spandex pants and him having protection...that is though, because right now I don't know if he is just plain old human or if he has some powers, but if he is just a vigilante then I think that he needs all of the extra padding and bullet-proof stuff he can get, and a lot o' people don't take it into consideration, but, it looks a lot cooler a guy with like a thicker bullet-proof-esque look to him without putting so much that he looks like he can't move, but, you know. If you can hit me up with what he is all about I think I could give a bit better input than this.


Whaddup Chris,

He has no superpowers so I figured that any extra armor/padding would be ideal providing that it didn't restrict any movement.

More on the story in the next few weeks...


Well I like the designs and I hope you checked your email for my response. I'm hoping to see a combination of 1 and 2, with the little tweaks I talked about. Plus of course there is the whole cape issue to discuss....


It's good to see your still banging these out on a regular basis! Hard work pays off big time! Thanks for the kind words! I love you light rendering around the kness on the other pics and also love the complete silouette style on this one , I say pic which one you like and stick with it cause really you have to draw it,...alot so you should be the one whos happy with it. I know that sounds pretty clieche' but I think it's true!

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