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All-American (Page 1)

I’m sure some of you who log onto this blog often wonder, “Does this guy do anything except pinups and sketches?” The answer is yes and no. I primarily set this blog up with intentions of mainly posting pinups, etc. However, by request of a very well-known comic artist an exception will be made the following weeks (hopefully sooner!).

The mission, should I choos
e to accept it, is to show examples of my sequential work. I actually enjoy drawing sequential pages more than sketching or doing pinups, but with my schedule if I had chose to showcase pages instead of quick drawings on this blog, there would probably be only a couple posts!

I chose Captain America to give a general idea of my style of work because he’s a sort of your all-around meat and potatoes superhero. The pages (total of 3) are finished, but this is the only one inked so far.

I recorded a two hour show on the History Channel about comics and Cap was always shown fighting Nazis, Japanese, etc corresponding with the wars the U.S. was involved in. I figured that showing him in a conflict with terrorists would be appropriate in today’s time. As silly as it may sound, I really felt a sense of American pride while drawing these pages. I can imagine what people like Kirby felt while doing their part to keep the spirits of Americans lifted.

So Mike, please enjoy and feel free to drop me a few comments as I post these pages.

J out.

hah well just to let you know I dun scrutinize your artwork when it comes to wether or not you can draw sequential stuff or pin ups. hell thats all I post too. and hell Ill even borrow your answer too just in case someone wonders about mine. But yeah I think the topic you have for Cap and the whole terrorist makes sense. I mean look at X-MEN.

anyways to make this shorer. I like your strong light source and the fact that for the bg you keep it simple. Sorta just apreference I have and sorta what I do too....but I dunno bout the whole caption thing...I think the whole idea of patriotism a lil over rated.

Yo, bub,

Loving the sequential work. It is, as many have said, "ace". I, however, quite enjoy the patriotism theme because many don't realize that without this gov. we have, even if it is a bit screwy and quarky, we might not have stuff like comic books and such; however that is not the point of the comment. It gives this great feel like when you look at a page that Mignola did, how it twists reality so that it has this sort of demented look, like the script written along with it.

I might eventually post some sequentials on my blog, this weekend, Ima' be freakin' out because I will actually have free time to work on stuff like sequential pages and stuff. I think I will post a painting o' batman that I am planning out...anywho, Peace


I also really liked the sequential stuff; which I think is the first of yours that I have seen...which is probably a good thing considering the series we are doing together!


WOW this stuff is GURRREAT!!!!!!!! Tony the tiger gives you a big thumbs up!

Dude this stuff is so good I've talked to alot of editors that would kill for someone who drew like this, now you are so gonna get some work in the pros now!!!!!!

So now after inlarging it I think you should fix that cone shaped building in the last panel looks like a copp out! but still I would let you get away with it, However someone is gonna call you on it!

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Thanks, DADICUS! Nice info to have!

Also, for future purposes, you can email me at: jasonossman@hotmail.com


The Cap pages looks great. It has that classic feel to it that I miss in comics :)

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