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All-American (Page 3)

Well, here's the final page. I hope you have enjoyed viewing half as much as I've enjoyed drawing these. It was fun to do a sequential of an existing character.As usual, please feel free to give comments.

J out.

Dude I posted on this area before and now it's gone? I was the only one but now I have been denied HA! HA! but really you some how lost a post?


I reposted this entry because Blogger was messing up and all I could see was a red x.

Sorry that your post was removed! If it makes you feel any better, I did read your post. You're always trying to keep the man down! Ha!


Wow your blog has gotten wacked out when you post up you have to write in this tiny window! LOL retarded!

There's just something about Captain America that's clicking with you. That pinup you did of Cap earlier was great, but these pages....wow... there are some rough edges but man, I can see huge potential in you. I think you have what it takes to draw comics professionally in the near future. In just a few months your art has developed and improved by leaps and bounds. Just keep working it Jason! You do great stuff. I think you can do even greater!! Good luck!!

Thanks so much, Gerry!

I am in constant development with my art, and hopefully with some work (and maybe the chance to work with an editor, lol!) I can improve even more.

It is truly a priviledge for me to have you checking out my stuff...I do appreciate it!

Hey, maybe you can contribute a little something to the book I'm working on (The Venger)? Just a thought.


I agree, Your work belongs to a captain America title at best!

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