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Fringe Benefits

Still waiting on my Bristol board to arrive. Decided to shake things up a bit and put Black Mercy in a cowgirl getup for the heck of it (no, Matt, this is not a new concept for the book, LOL!).

Things are getting rather hectic at the storefront with two tests and a case due this week, and not to mention the fact that I will be taking the GMAT on the 31st. So if the posting gets a little sparse, that’s the reason…

J out.

Well Howdy!

Looks good...I was honestly thinking to myself-"OK, so now he wants me to work in a cowboy scene."

See Ya,


Ha ha!

Nope, no cowboy scene needed. But there could always be a "Venger: Reclaiming the Old West" miniseries...lol


Hey bub,

I really like this sketch, I love western stuff, I actually did a painting of a cowboy not too long ago, I will post it on my blog once I get it back.



Can't wait to see it!


Hey Jason!!
I just received the mail of yours I will answer it to you in a couple of days but in the meantime I just wanted to drop by say hello and give my two cents that in mexican pesos might be 2 pesos and 50 cents...:)
Starting how often do you draw your drawings using references ( I mean no comic work, probably photos,poses, magazines with poses, drawing for real is one of the best options to see improvements in your work, only in the case your work is heading into a realistic approach, if your intention is to develop your own style, the answer is the same get solid in anatomy so you can play with the sum of all the things you want people to notice your work...Was I can of clear?..if not let me know a pleasure always to hear from you..I am ta your disposal everytime you need...just be patient with me If I do not get in contact soon...:)..JESUS ANTONIO


I don't copy real life straight from a magazine page or anything like that, but I use it as reference for clothing, hairstyles, etc in my art.

Unfortunately, I don't have any art books, and I've never had any formal art lessons, so I kind of have to wing it most of the time!


Hey Jason, This are good books to start looking for, I know is an investment but is a good investment..
I guess you do not really need it but anyway ..all the storytelling books done by Will Eisner.
btw, my comic work is not based on books I also learn by myself the rules but thankfully I had two nice teachers who gave me the principles for anatomy (non comic related, I sometimes try to say to pay attention in direct anatomy, because if you copy the work of somebody else you also copy their errors, that is the only disadvantage, my suggestion try also to look further, I mean In my case I do a lot of research (I am not anal retentive :) but I had anal retentive teachers :) ). so I normally base my work in painting styles more that comic books styles. I gotta be honest to you I have my favorite kind of storytellers,creators and artists from comic books but I normally choose the ones with strong personalities, as an example Kevin Nowlan,Travis,Heck,Colan, Dwyer, Lee Weeks,Manara,Serpieri, Moebius Zeck, David Mack or Kaluta, etc.
About the art classes do not worry the 90% is just practice!!
I will check what book i have for anatomy to recommend, I guess the one Richard Friend suggest are good starts, ahh I forgot I have a medicine book with anatomy that is my main reference...Invest in books and ask pros....see ya later and have a great day!!1..JESUS ANTONIO


Great reference books! And also nice choice of artists. I've had the fortunate chance of speaking with Mike Zeck via emails, and he is truly a generous man with his time and advice.


Hey Jason if I have more books I will let you know..
I love those artist as you said one of the fortunate things about the web is that yo can get in touch wiht people it might be possible to reach in other circunstances...About Mr. Zeck He is just an amazing person from what I have heard from friends, in my case I have to be honest I haven`t had the guts to send him a mail to let him know how great his work is,,but someday!! (I am even planning to buy him something but not now (the prices are too high for my economy.now.:) but someday!!!...JESUS ANTONIO
Well..Have a great time!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Hey Jason, thanks for stopping by "MissleMan's Closet", I really dig your stuff, I'll be checking out your blog regularly.

Sam Out-

P.S. It's nice to see another Zeck Fan.

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