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A piece from the "l'accumulazione del seduction" of my sketchbook...

I've been diligently working on pages for Venger and tending to family and school stuff here recently, and not to mention training for my triathlon in May. All in all, another typical week(s) in the life of...

Cool news concerning Venger: a very prominent artist in the comics industry (who also happens to be a great pal o' mine) has agreed to contribute a pinup for issue #1. His name will remain anonymous for the time being, so check back here from time to time for more updates concerning this and other Venger news. Also, issue #1 will include some extras that have never been done before in comics...a little lagniappe if you will (google if you are unfamiliar with the term).

J out.

Nice Boobies!!!!!!!

hahah I will agree with Dadicus!!
Nice pair of boobies...There is something odd in the position of the right hand but I loved the way you drew the chick and her lingerie!! :)..JESUS ANTONIO

Hey good luck with the triathalon. (whoo had a problem typing that word) so your going to be running?? swimming? and bicycling? sounds intense haha just today I got a bit soar from walking 4 blocks.

Anyways I like her face. it seems like you always manage to give your girls that face that I sometimes have problems with....and you know what kinda face Im talking bout. But the body sorta concerns me a bit but like u said its a sketch so whatevr. Anyways Ill be looking for the Venger when it comes out...mayb that way Ill be able to catch up or sumthing I dunno....

btw....I like that girls hat on the bottom. keep it up!

C'mon, guys...enough with the junior high antics, LOL!


looks good :) --kino--

Hey Jason- thanks.

Can you send it again to:


again, it hasn't shown up over here, but I'd like to post it up on the blog.

very nice chica by the way.

Sam Out-

Nice one :)

I love this. Very nice. :)

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