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V is for Venger

Being the world’s finest at procrastination I realized I was out of Bristol board yesterday when I reached into my poly-bag of non-existent paper. So, with only half an hour ‘til bedtime, I found myself putting pen to paper in my sketchbook again. It’s funny how the subconscious works – the Venger was the first thing that came to mind. Go figure…

J out.

You know Johnny Ive been meaning to ask this question for a while but I guess it slips my mind a lot. But ever since I started going to ur blog...Ive noticed this guy a lot haha but so wondering is this guy someone you made up? or just a favorite. Mayb I missed some of your earlier blogs but yea all nicely done from what I can tell. I gotta say one thing that I admire is your use of ink in everything. in all your entries.I swear Ill never get used to it....to me nothing beats pencil hah. Ill cheat and just press real hard with it. Anyways nice to see some new posts for some reason its been quiet this week.


Nice of you to drop by...

This is a character that I designed (visually) for a comic written by the fabulous Matt Spatola, due this July. Yours truly will be doing the artwork. Sheesh, man, haven't you read my other posts?!? LOL!

I tried to email you last week from your blog, but it got kicked back to me. Email me at jasonossman@hotmail.com with your email address so I can put you in my list of people to annoy...lol.


Thats funny cause Jasons on my list to annoy !LOL

No one wants to annoy me..:(

By the way Jason, I like the character's look..good job.

yes I think the DC universe is the best too (dunno why it seems like Marvel is winning the battle) anyways im just wondering how we would chose the unfamiliar characters. Maybeill make a dice with every name possible and just roll on it....hmm thats going to be like a 5 billion sides dice man...well anyways mayb dadicus has an idea

I say we draw the NEW GODS, Orion, Light Ray, and that Bug guy I can't remember his name !!! they are the best old school characters and very obscure!!! look'M up and you'll understand, I'm a huge Jack Kirby fan!!!!! I love Orion he is my favorite DC anti Hero and I've never draw'n him,,,let me know what you guys think?

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