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Been extremely busy w/pages for the Venger the past week and with school as well. Thought I’d post a pic instead of a sketch to change things up a bit.
The triathlon is in 16 days, and although I am confident on finishing, a place on the podium is probably unlikely...

More on the comic: I’m only getting to work on it a couple of hours a night so the time constraints are a real hindrance, but such is life. This is the main reason why I haven’t been sketching as much. When I do draw, it’s on 11”x17” Bristol board, not the Wal-Mart special I got for $3.88! However, the pages are turning out nicely, and working with a detailed writer such as Matt (breaks down every panel practically!) has been a real pleasure. I am anxious to see the pages with color (grayscale) and text.

J out.

And I thought those were Venger goggles.


are either of you guys gonna Draw somthin????????? HA! HA!


DADICUS, Pages Smages is right...and speaking of which...where is page 1 colored? ha ha


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