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It’s been a little while since my last post….

This is a headshot sketch of the one and only Venger, a.k.a. Michael Cabot. This particular pair of goggles are courtesy of Oakley, even though he has an extended contract with Rudy Project…lol.

We have six advertisers, a letter’s page, and a sorta “special features section” in issue #1, for a grand total of 32 whopping pages. Not to mention all the goodies that will be accessible at Wizard World Philly with the purchase of the spectacular first issue. Oh, and there’s still that “extra-special surprise” that is limited to 50 people…

I am having a blast…

J out.

Man those Pages are KILLER!!!!!! TOP NOTCH! I guess you try way harder to please when you are doing pages because they put every thing on the blog to shame!!!!!!!! I sound like a queer fan!!!!!!!!!!!

You rock! Love the drawing... the glasses remind me of the goggles.. :)

How can I get a copy of the spectacular first issue?

The goggles make me of the blue beetle (rest his soul).

lord chimmy,

Details on purchasing the first issue will be posted in the next couple of weeks, so please check back here for updates.


Yeah, real life (goggles) is so much cooler than making something up, lol!


You are a queer fan, LOL! Oh, and just in case no one has checked out his site: http://members.cox.net/dadicus/
When I look at some of his stuff, I turn into a queer fan, heh.


la di da...still cant wait to see Venger out there. did Dadicus manage to get a sneak peak?? sorta making me more curious the more I read his comment!


Actually, DADICUS has a role in the whole thing...which will be quite the surprise when people open issue #1...

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