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Yeah...it is...Some people use real life for reference, others use comics...

This was done for my boss who is a huge Cap fan and has bought me too many lunches to count.

J out.

I like this pic Johnny. Its your own version of a common Captain America pose. Very simple...nice bold shadows and the star on the chest is just nicely done. Speaking of stars...the ones on the flag would had pissed me off.

o and yeah forgot to mention the foreshortening of the thighs......I always tend to have problems with them and just hate doing them.

This is after Jim Lee's batman cover right?

I guess is also from one of the covers Jim Lee made to The Captain America a cover in yellows, I guess it was an anniversary or sort of...JESUS ANTONIO

Ha! You guys are good! It is, in fact, after Jim Lee's cover(s)...

I have never actually copied so much art at one time, and it makes me feel really guilty and sort of like a loser for not drawing the entire thing without any help - but I'm not taking credit for all of it so I guess it's somewhat okay as long as I don't claim it as an original...There I go rationalizing...


I actually really like the thigh coming forward but you should have drawn more of the heel of his foot so it looks like it's the right foot instead of the other one? I'm being picky' .........I'm an ass. anybody else see that or is it just me?

You are right Dadicus...just a suggestion J. try no to copy from comics because you also drag to your work the errors the artist has, I mean not neccessary bad errors, remember that style is the sum of all of our errors..be wise with the usages...See the work of Liefield..do you see my point!!?..
I mean I like and love his work but when you see all the poses from Joe Perez..you start wondering the thin line of it...

I have verbaly insulted Rob to his face , I told him he was the man who single handedly killed comics!, the asked him how the Giant rubber Badrock suit was doing.....he smirked and said he kept it in his garage because his wife hated it so then I asked if it was the same house that he had built back when he was on "Life of the rich and famous" (That house cost like 30 Mill' back in tha 90's) he then looked very sad and wanted to know why I kept asking him so many questions! HA! HA! I hate him so much...........Wow I'm a little to into hating him HA! HA! oh well it was all for a laugh with my friend back at the 02 San diego Con, see ya fellas!

Looks great. You seem to be very fond of this pose though. I seen more than one of your work with the same kind of pose. Not that its bad. Just that Im sure theres more you can show off. Keep at it dude. You rock!


That's cold-blooded about Rob!


I agree with the pose thing.


Yeah, copying from other artists can be deadly, unless you find one that is perfect (really hard to come by!)


just be very and extremely wise to who you select as your standard because you can become the second plate clone of a good artist.

My piece of advice develop your own voice by listening to many, do not get into one radio station because you can get bored soon.
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

U'r blog is so slow with the new pic's! Give more or die, I got the first page it looks great but havent tried to grey it yet!


I am on a deadline! First priority is the Venger issue #1, so my sketches have been lagging a bit! I apologize to all who may be getting bored with seeing the same pic for a whole week at a time. Don't worry, I'll keep posting - at a snail's pace, LOL!


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