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Antagonist Part Deux

Ezra Heller’s wingman so to speak, Dusk is the final element that makes up the “triumvirate of doom” (no that is not a name we are using, lol) in the Venger’s rogue’s gallery.

This is him only in conceptual state as we will not see him until the second issue (right around the corner!). I felt we needed a “silent, bad boy-type”, at least in looks. He’s the guy with literally no conscience and would kidnap your children if it meant any personal gain for himself. This is based off of Matt’s character sheet, and I think that he will add that extra bit of action to the overall series – plus, it allows me to get to draw more things blowing up! LOL!

But keep in mind that his overall appearance may be altered slightly (very similar to what occurred with Black Mercy) for the actual series to better suit the story.

J out.

man, I gots to get a copy of Venger...

...all I have to say...

'nuff said!


what do you mean by nuff said?........"I DON'T EVEN HAVE A COPY!!!!!!!" HA! HA!

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