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Antagonist Part Uno

A design concept for the main villain, Ezra Heller. He is the only one in the book with any sort of “powers” – similar to the way Watchmen was handled regarding Dr. Manhattan.

I wanted him to have a mask, but nothing that completely hid his facial movements, so I came up with a thin, rubbery type of mask that could move with his expressions, but yet conceal his true face. Gotta maintain that sense of mystery!

After discussions with Matt, we both agreed that since Ezra personifies a sense of immortality, his costume should incorporate something from a different century altogether, but with a slight modern twist. The colonial garb was Matt’s idea, and I fell in love with the notion as soon as I heard it. Ezra Heller will remain pretty shrouded in mystery for the time being (no spoilers here!), but expect to see more of his background in the near future.

Check out an exclusive INTERVIEW with Matt Spatola, the series creator!

J out.

Dammit! too bad I cant enlrage the pictures in the link!

Yeah...dunno why they didn't make it capable of doing that.


WOW thats so cool,,,,,,,I need to take a breath,......"OK" wow Man it's exciting!

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