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Blogger Jam 2005

Well, the Blogger Jam has finally come to a close – and here is the final product. I think it goes without saying that everyone had a great time doing this, and it’s always cool to see the finished product of something you are a part of.

Well done, GNF, and well done DADCUS! Next year’s will be even better!

J out.

for the next jam we should have the characters iteract with another. That would be real cool!



WOW!! I LOVE IT!! Next time If possible let me be part of it..very good work dadicus!


I'll let ya know!

With all the additions in participants, this is going to end up utilizing every character in the DCU! LOL!


Wow sounds great and thanks in advance!!
I forgot to say that I loved the Shazam drawn by shih!! JESUS ANTONIO

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can i join too :) --kino--

Sure thing!


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