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I was cleaning out some files today and ran across a couple of scans that others have sent me over the past few months. This one in particular is neat because it features both of the main characters that have fueled this blog since its inception. The artist is Nathan Gilmer, and I think that the style, although extremely unfinished, is pretty nice. Maybe I’ll print it off in blue and ink it when I find some free time (in the next year or so!)

It’s altogether flattering and exciting to see an “outsider’s” take on characters you’ve developed – especially when the drawings come in unexpected, heh. I know that I’m not the only one who draws other comic creator’s characters for fun!

J out.

Yeha sometimes different take on your character (And I mean everyone) can be real helpful...gives you ideas or different perspective on how a character can look or how they shouldnt look in that matter haha

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