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The Force is Strong With This One...

This is my first attempt at any of the Star Wars™ characters. This was done this weekend for a very close friend of mine who happens to be Darth Vader’s biggest fan, lol.

Hopefully, he won’t see it posted here before I actually give it to him…

J out.

Looking pretty damn good J. I can dig it.

Appreciate the feedback, epic!

As I stated, I have never attempted to draw any SW characters (dunno why), and this piece took a little over three hours...the letters were the hardest thing about this drawing!

I am, however, a fan of Star Wars...=)


Vader looks really good, but the thing that amazes me is that you drew the letters.Or did you use computer?

Two hours before I went to see Revenge of the Sith, I tried to draw Vader without looking at a picture and I screwed up his helmet......really badly.

I actually drew the letters by looking at the cover of a Star Wars novel...You can see some screw-ups if you enlarge the pic, lol.

And yes, his helmet is pretty darn tricky!


Great drawing!!

I see something odd on the right upper arm, the perspective is a little odd.

Beautiful work you are improving in big steps,and I am really happy for you..JESUS ANTONIO

muy bueno!!!!!!!!!! very nice, Star Wars characters are like the big three super heore as far as how everybody knows how they should look so you better be right on as far as looks go! you've got balls I'll give you that! "Fear not drawing Vader, Fear instead you're self" - Yoda

"Much fear I sense in this artist...fear leads to laziness, laziness leads to terrible deadlines!"


Oh that was COLD!!!!!!!!!

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