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I dunno why today seems like a “Marvel” day (maybe it has to do with it being Friday the 13th!) but here’s my interpretation of Black Cat, with her costume tweaked a tad. Really it’s just a sketch that was done this morning at school while I was waiting around for one of my professors to get out of a class. And to answer your question, yes, I do carry around pencils, pens, and an art pad…lol!

I somewhat enjoyed Millar and Dodson’s run on MK Spiderman, however I feel as though Dodson kinda skimped out a little on the art…oh well, it’s still better than I can do! Millar’s writing is always top-notch in my book (except for Wanted – do ya think he could’ve put MORE f-words in that book?!?)

J out.

HEy!!! Jason!! do me a favor? Put your hand in half of the image (either way top or bottom) and you might found the anatomy details because it seems like tWo different people when you do what I told you to)..Have a great day and keep working on the anatomy!!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Yeah, I see what you mean, but keep in mind I drew this in the halls of the University of Louisiana sitting on a bench waiting for a professor to get out of class, so paying a lot of attention to the little details was not in my plans, lol! But I will definitely try to keep this in mind for future purposes. Thanks!


hello Jason, well That is also something that You and I have to do with the time (that every drawing sketch doodle or illustration has the same level and power, I mean see the doodle that Jim Lee did yesterday, He has the skeleton already done, so any person can detail it or not, that is the point that every piece done by us becomes a powerful image, doodle or not)..great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

The world has quickly turned on it's opposite axis! For you to have posted to pics , and me to have posted nothing anywhere is beyond belief.....where is jason and who are you???? HA! HA! way to go man this stuff is alot of fun to look at you and G.N.F. are keeping me entertained while I get my creative spark back!!!! I love these pics pretty girls are always a fan favorite!

I just wish the Dodson's actually finished the story they did with her and spider man..

hey jason, just checkin out your site here, and i gotta tell you, i think you've got a tonne of great stuff posted here, man!! and hey, congratulations on the Venger publication, bro!

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