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Tha Netwerk

This is my contribution to the “2005 Bloggers Jam”. The basic premise was including our own ‘blogger studio’ of artists (DADICUS, GNF, and yours truly) to do a jam that featured existing DC characters, but revamped a tad for kicks. Once they are completed, they will be merged into one image for a pinup of epic proportions! LOL!

This was colored in practically no time, and the colors aren’t permanent by any means. Once DADICUS gets his finished (hint hint) I am sure that he will do a better job of converging the colors so that the image looks unified.
N fact, once the characters are merged into one piece, whoever wants to participate in the coloring just drop me a line at
jason.ossman@gmail.com and you too could be a star, LOL!

**ANNOUNCEMENT: Keep your mouse pointed in this direction because in a couple of weeks there will be a Venger: Dead Man Rising Contest in which the winner will receive a straight-up wicked cool Venger “pack” (including a bonus prize).

I can’t believe I just said “straight-up wicked cool”…

J out.

If I am not mistaken, "Straight-up-wicked-cool" was how President Bush described his proposal for cars running on fat.

It would have been cool if you would have put the lantern in his right hand.

I like how you gave him grey hair, it looks awesome.



Thanks for the compliments, Chris!

I tried to stay with the original concept, but deviate from it a little. I mean, there are what, like a billion different GL's so having one with gray hair is not out of the realm of possibility...

As usual, thanks for stopping by!


Now thats a police-like uniform. The vest like costume reminds me of Guy's a bit. When I first saw this I was thinking like an alternate story for Kyle. I mean he was an artist who all of a sudden was chosen to be a GL. Thisll be a great look for him if he hadnt came back to Earth for a while after absorbing all the new things he experienced from being a GL. Here I think the changes he went through or should had went through is shown really nice. and I like the zipatone bg. Purple makes it pop real out.

Thanks, GNF!

Like I mentioned the colors are by no means final because I think that once we get DADICUS's submission they can all be colored in the same fashion so it won't look "pieced" together...


Ask and you shall recieve!!!!!! After you finished yours I knew I had taken way to long and needed to finish up mine! I like the take on the character and I'm really happy we all get to work together on something!

Yeah, it's a little weird when I am ahead of DADICUS in terms of submitting artwork, lol!

and here I thought I took too long for this Jam haha

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