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That Covers It...

Well, folks it is almost countdown time! I have been busy working on pages and file preparation the past few days for the printers. Still waiting on DADICUS, though…lol. I figured that it was only right that I should post a pic of the cover (sans issue #1, price, etc) since everyone that visits this blog is probably thinking that I am no longer alive!

Our plans for this 7 issue miniseries are to incorporate the same theme for the covers. All will feature a prominent character in that issue, and each one will be a different shade of color (i.e. issue #2 will have a “blue” themed cover). This will help differentiate the issues, and it also keeps a constant, overall “look” to the series.

This is actually the front of one the 1000 postcards that will be handed out at Wizard World Philly on June 3rd. The back features a brief overview of the series and info on where to purchase, etc.

J out.

speechless....this is just so beautiful man!Blue one is going to look great! I can just tell.

Everybody Guess what? Johnny's out O' Luisianna -not L.A.- but L.A.! I'm a moron I thought he was out of Los angeles......welcome to dumbyland!!!LOL Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I'm workin' I'm workin' I'll have'm done on time I guarantee! God I love the colors on the cover! you totally could have done a better job than I did on the pages !!!

Appreciate the compliments, gentlemen! BTW there is no way I could have done the job you did in the interior pages, DADICUS...For one thing, it would have taken me like 20 hours to do each page!


I like the Cover, the design works!!
The Best of Luck in the project!!..JESUS ANTONIO

It's Louisiana..where at in Louisiana..?

West Monroe...


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