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Venger Contest v1.0

This is a piece submitted by Lionel Edward C. Yumul via the Ronin message boards. I think this is an exceptionally strong image design-wise, and the overall feeling of the piece is nice and violent, lol. The cover price is incorrect, but who really cares about that...

Major kudos for contributing our alternate cover for Ultimate Venger, lol!

While I’m on the subject of pimping, er, marketing, please note that the Venger Contest v1.0 will be scheduled for:

• Thursday, June 2nd
• 5:00 pm CENTRAL TIME (adjust your biological clocks to Louisiana time!)
• Contest promptly ends at Midnight

The details of this contest will be stated the day of the contest, and be prepared to use your broadband connection to the fullest! (hint hint)

*Note: This contest is not open to those who contributed to issue #1, so all three of you (lol) will have to take a backseat…

Grand Prize consists of:
• A copy of The Venger: Dead Man Rising issue #1
• A Venger poster
• A Venger postcard
• An eComic of The Venger: Dead Man Rising issue #1
• A “special bonus” prize

2nd Place receives:
• A copy of The Venger: Dead Man Rising issue #1

J out.

Nice cover, but the kerning (space between letters) on the logo is awful. Tighten those letters! Escepically the ten miles of extra space between "THE" .... .... .... ... ..... and ... ... ... "VENGER."

Nice Cover!! is this guy easy to contact? I will like to ask him for something for me...

Great to see you are really getting everything in works Jason,!! Good luck to you!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Robby Reed,

The guy who did this didn't have the actual logo to use - in fact, he did this out of the blue. I had never seen his stuff before this. However, the actual image is killer and I think you agree!


Thanks, and check out http://nelzfolio.multiply.com for info on contacting this artist.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for the info Jason!!!JESUS ANTONIO

And none of this stuff happens to be signed?

I am appalled!!


Hah! I'm already in Louisiana. Fuck yeah. I love the preview stuff you guys have up at Ronin. I've got a book going there too just not nearly as far along. San Patricio. Please check out what we have and let me know what you think J. Later.

I visit the site but no email contact..probably I am really dumb in finding info.
Well I guess He will drop by your blog and eventually I will contact him!! Have a great day Jason and I am really happy for you for all the good things you are getting!!...JESUS ANTONIO

jesus... check out his deviant art site.. he has an email ad in his profile http://nelz.deviantart.com/ --kino--

What, exactly, do you have to do for the Venger contest???

Details on the specifics of this contest will be posted this Thursday =)



San Patricio looks interesting...I dig the western stuff.

You should enjoy the contest this Thursday (wink)


It's good I can't enter, I suck at covers!!!!!!!!! It's like a free pass to not feel the pressure of doing something spectacular like this guy did! LOL

BTW the contest is NOT an art contest...


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