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White About Now...

As I mentioned in prior posts, I am a fan of the late 80’s era of X-Men. I think that the overall mood of that entire era of mutants was a little darker and really deep as far as characters/plots. That’s not to say that the current stuff is not good, but I really wouldn’t know as I don’t collect any of the new X-Men comics…maybe I should.

“So why did you post a picture of the White Queen in her new costume instead of her old one if you are a fan of the older stuff?” you ask.

“Because it looks cool” is my reply…

J out.

2 posts in one day..and today is suppose to be a bad day? not only do you post 2 entries but there both kick ass entries Jason. How did you color the White Queen anyways? plus BlackCat sketch is a perfect sketch....simple...clean...but also has an area where it seems like you just had fun doodling.

Beautiful sketch Jason!!

Yes, we know you have the tendency to draw girls in a Jimlesque way!! :) :)..JESUS ANTONIO

have a great day!!!..


I colored this in photoshop...took all of ten minutes, lol! Oh, and I haven't fogotten about the GL piece! I had this drawing of white queen on my computer, and had forgotten about it. The Black Cat was done this morning at school while waiting on a professor...


Regarding the "Jim Lee-esque style": can't help it, man, it just comes out on the paper that way! LOL!



I like.. I like.. White Queen is one of my favorite x-men..

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