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And the Winner Is...

Thanks to all those who participated in the Venger Contest v1.0! IMO it was a great success, and I hope everyone who joined in had a little fun!

Congratulations to Diana Greenhalgh who clinched the grand prize and won herself a “Venger Dead Pack”. Props to David J. Hansen who picked up a copy of issue #1.

J out.

I think its better that its emailed. I mean you might give up your email address but you exchange that for less answers and cheating if people were suppose to answer through comments. O man I still rmember Gelatometti's second contest...hmm must had been close to like 100 comments and Ill admit I was one of the people who doubled comment. Hell I think tripled comment hah

Yeah, I thought about that which is why I chose to have answers emailed.

I definitely did not have 100 participants (38 to be exact), but I am glad that people showed some interest and hopefully the winners will enjoy reading issue #1. Besides, it was a chance to get something for free - I'm always game for that!


Man I wanted to do this so bad. Next thing I know I'm at work and the reminder alarm on my phone goes off..had to close up that night too..dammit.

Not to worry...there will be more contests in the future - more than likely one with each issue.


Yo, man, sorry I missed the contest I was out doing stuff all yesterday and didn't get finished excercising until like 11:30 or so and realized that it was pointless by then.

Next time


38 man that alot of outside interest! Man thats terrific!

man, man, man, could I say that more!

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