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Fashionably Early

This shot was taken immediately after being asked to go on a mission to destroy the mutant liberation front. I think it went something like, “Hey Jason, feel like taking on the entire axis of evil? It’s going to require you putting on your tights again…”

Uhhh, sure. Why not. I mean, if folks can wear different colored bracelets for good causes, why not go all out and put on a friggin’ superhero costume for a good cause? Am I right, or am I right?

Okay, I’ll start posting artwork again later this week, lol.

J out.

You know you kind'A' look like Luke willson???? in this pic any way HA! HA! HA! (Ever seen Bottle Rockets???) Great movie!

Can't let the old Supersuit collect dust for too long. Time to kick some a$$? :D

I guess that settles it...my superhero name is the "BottleRocket", lol

Boy...someone is handsome...


I am not gay, and I have no problem with gay people...just for the record...not that I am some tight ass conservative...nor am I a loose ass liberal...I am just a big fan of politically incorrect jokes...

I am going to go and take a cold shower now...

I love political incorrectness, LOL!

Harvey you are so gay............ish! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! cold shower HA! HA! this is a good time to be a blogger! Plus Johnny we knew BottleRocket was your superhero name, you gave it away when you said your wife was pregnant!!!!! (LOLLOLOLOLOLOL until I threw up!)

small, explosive, it all makes sense!!!!

Hahahahahaha, bottle rocket...pregnant...hahahaha...

You guys are friggin' dorks! LOL!

You perverts make me sick.

The only one on here that makes any sense is 13 years of age...go figure, LOL!

my wife said "just what I figured"? Not sure what the hell that means or why she's been figuring about you!

Because secretely every woman on the earth has a love affair with him, that is why.

She was probably picturing me as some ego-maniac who loves to take goofy pics of himself, lol.

Oh, and Harvey - it's not a secret anymore thanks to you...


Well, I am just like that, take it bitch!

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