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Okay, certain people (ahem, DADICUS) have mentioned the term “Dead Blog” (on more than one occasion, lol) so I figured I would post a sketch of a random character I threw down in the sketchpad a month or so ago.

Her name is Tala which in Native American translates into “stalking wolf”. The inspiration came from my wife who is something like 1/8 Indian (Native American). Thus the bow and arrows, feathers, etc.

But of course I had to throw in the high-tech weapons, sunglasses, comm-link, and grenade, lol. It’s easier to blow stuff up with that kind of arsenal =)

J out.

sweet! I got my copy of the book today !!!I'm so happy I helped out I told my mom "Look I got this for free!!!!" She laughed and was impressed a little ? HA! HA! thanks buddy it's real funny I showed it to her and then told her that the Black and white version may never see the light of day!

your not the only one who got the dead blog comment from Dadicus. Anyways this drawing is just really great to look at. It sorta has a different style. For a moment there I couldnt tll it was drawn by you so yeah indeed its a really good drawing. I especially like how you drew the left arm holding the gun...very very nice!

Btw I got my copy of Venger and I want to thank you.........Thank You! Thought it was so wierd actually seeing your stuff in person. hah almost didnt open it cause of paranoia haha

Paranoia?!? What's the worst that could happen? LOL!


what did you think of batman begins I asked G.N.F. and now I want to hear your full review!

Regarding Batman Begins: see above post...


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