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Let The Games Begin!

Okay folks here’s the deal: I am a fan of western movies (and the time period when tough guys ruled the good ol’ USA) so the Venger v1.0 contest is coming to you via Internet Scavenger Hunt – old west style.

The rules are simple: the first one to EMAIL me all of the correct answers lands themselves a Venger “Dead Pack” (contents are listed three posts below) and second place gets a free copy of Venger Issue #1.

My email address is:
jason.ossman@gmail.com Winner will be posted tomorrow!
What are ya waitin’ for?!? Get to crackin!

1) Clavera was the name of a bandit leader in what movie?

2) “Not that it matters, but most of it is true” is the tagline for what popular western film?

3) In what movie was John Wayne’s first credited appearance?
4) What 1940 classic paired John Wayne and Roy Rogers?

5) John Wayne's co-star in Rio Bravo and The Sons of Katie Elder was an established comedian/singer. What is his name?

6) The character Liberty Valance from the 1962 film titled The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance was played by a) John Wayne b) James Stewart c) Lee Marvin

J out.