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Modern Design

This is a typical “design sheet” that’s done in my sketchbook when I’m in the process of designing a new character(s). This particular one of Dusk dates back several months ago, and for clarification purposes of his costume design I ended up drawing another pose of him – which is posted several posts down.

About 99% of the stuff you will see here is all from my sketchbook and tends to be a lot looser than what will actually end up in an issue of Venger. But that’s okay IMO since I wouldn’t want to spoil anything by posting a lot of pages from the actual comic up anyway…

J out.

Oh what a pretty hair tie! (blush).........(GAY!!!!!!!!!!) uh...oh...I..uh mean he's real cool......?

That's not a friggin' hair tie. Those are headphones, man! He's listening to Rammstein!!!..........gosh...frickin' idiot.

D-rock, if yere still online, go on the blog......I demand it.

dadicus, I'm going to kill you, lol!

And kid flash is not off the hook yet! Rammstein...lol!

What's so funny about Rammstein?

Who's blog is dead now!!!!!!!! yours thats whos!!!!!!!

This just in Kid flash pooped himself on an airplane!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear this is turning into a circus w/Dadicus and Kid Flash around!

It's almost as though they are the comic-relief versions of Batman and Robin, except they are the "dynamic dolts"...LOL!!!

That airplane story is true. Details on it at cnn.com

I believe it! LOL!

I resent that you turd I would never have a young male squire I dabble only in under age women!!!!!! LOL (not really) (but it sounds funny)

Oh, so are you implying that KF is an underage chick?

I WISH!!!!!! (yuck) nope, he's a greasy haired youth of america in the male sense..........(yuck)

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