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New Addition

Well, I won’t be around for at least a week or so since my wife is being induced into labor tomorrow morning at 5:30 am meaning that by tomorrow afternoon I will be the proud father of two boys!

I dug this (and the sketch above) out just to have something new on the ol’ blog. This one of Black Mercy was done along with the previous BM sketch when I was still toying around with different costume designs. Matt’s description of her was basically a “goth chick meets assassin type”, so I had used several different elements before deciding on the final costume. Hopefully, I chose well enough =)

It’s hard to see it in this scan, but originally I had penciled in a motorcycle – never finished going over it w/inks because I think I lost interest…lol.

J out.

Finally some artwork!!!


Yeah, finally (even though it's some "throw-away" stuff from my sketchbook...).

Congrats bro, kids are great. Best of wishes on the delivery, hope all goes well.

(And yeah, why give us some crappy sketches?! Hahaha)


Yeah more justice brats!!!!!!!!!!! LOL kidding! Way to go you knocked her up again!!!!!!!!!LOL I'm happy for you man you sounded really happy on the phone about it so again Congrats!!!! and the pics are fun to see I wish I had time to draw........(wink) Sucker!!!!!!!!!!

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