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A Simpler Time

Here is the original Venger (Alexander Cabot) via concept design in my sketchbook.

Matt and I threw a couple of ideas around for his costume, and using cues from the Golden Age (thus the goofy, pre-modern day goggles) this is what I came up with. Matt wanted to take design elements from characters like the Shadow and the original Sandman. The golden age Venger has a fedora hat and a ray gun (j/j about the ray gun), but is not included in this sketch.

Every time we see Alexander in costume it is via flashback sequences which allowed me to incorporate ink washing in the series (Matt custom-tailored this for me BTW), and the overall effect is a nostalgic tone which helps to convey the fact that this hero is from a much different and simpler time.

J out.

Hey, man,

This costume is just awesome...

love how everything looks in the sketch, especially the trenchcoat.


you're brave I'll give you that! When ever I put a sketch up I get nailed with those little demeaning comments like "You suck" and "why does it look so unfinshed" I as an artist can appreciate what it takes to post design sketches and such, so keep it up I liked all the other ones you had up here too I was just preoccupied with everybody elses comments!

I know exactly what you mean...I can't stand it when people nitpick on sketches. I can understand helpful suggestions such as overall proportion issues, etc, but when someone says something like, "I think the left eyebrow on your sketch doesn't correspond with the perspective of the overall juxtaposition of the elements..." Gimme a break! LOL!


Jason you gotta create by the time the kind of skill to recognize when the comment is really helpful, and once in while to put again in perspective your work seeing If you have an evolution (I have seen a better work in anatomy from your side and I am happy for seeing that in your work).
Roll over with the crappy comments, and work hard so your referents in work terms are part of the style you eventually will obtain...have a great time Jason!!

I hanven`t had the chance but I also wanted to say that I really enjoyed the comments of the nice Dadicus!!


Yeah, I agree with you antonio!

I welcome any critiques, but some are just downright ridiculous (see above comment for examples).

And yes, the "nice" DADICUS you speak of is very entertaining, LOL! He rocks!



I must be a moron because I didn't even understand what antonio said other than I was nice!!!!!!!!! yeah props for me!

You undertood quite well Dadicus I was only pointing out that sometimes I laugh my ass off with the comments you make.
I am myself a bit ironic so is great to hear that kind of humor sense Kudos to you Dadicus!!...JESUS ANTONIO

I think its the trenchcoat, goggles and hair that give him that realy nice golden age look. You know only in comics do I think a trenchcoat can work. Doesnt look to great in real life.

I definitely agree with the trenchcoat comment...they look lame in real life, lol


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