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Spare Some "Change"?

Sometimes I find myself toying around with “variant” editions of characters’ costumes. If you think about it, wouldn’t it get kinda old wearing the same costume every day? I have always wanted to incorporate this concept into a comic book – not necessarily completely changing the costume (as in the above pic), but adding subtle variants depending on the time of day or mission they are on. You see it all the time at toy stores with “Arctic Strike Batman” or “Telepathic Link Energy Blast Wolverine w/Retractable Claws” lol.

The above concept of Black Mercy is called “Secret Hunter Shadow Sleek Black Mercy w/Removable Body Armor” – LOL!

J out.

I totally understand and agree with you on the costume thing. Heck I get tired of wearing the same sh*t to work. Plus I think it makes sense she has another outfit...after all its a girl so it makes all the perfect sense in the world. Anyways you reminded me on how cool batman toys used to be. I actually had the artic costume but dont remmeber the Telepathic Link Energy Blast Wolverine w/Retractable Claws hahah sounds like the wrong set of powers though

I want to go and get the Batman Strikes "Artic Batman" the show is so good!


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