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The All-Stars Have Come Out Swinging!

I’m sure as you’re all keenly aware by now; I am a glorified, teary-eyed schoolgirl when it comes to Jim Lee. I just couldn’t pass this opportunity of stating my thoughts on All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #1.

Lately I have been turned off of Frank Miller’s stuff simply because it seemed that nothing “new” had come out of the guy – almost as if the lines in his books were becoming too repetitive, and too predictable. However, after reading ASB&R for the third time, I can easily say that I am totally enjoying the direction of the series. It seems as if Miller has had a breath of fresh air, and I really enjoy the multiple character narrations and how he really gave their personalities some uniqueness (I loved the fact that Bruce refers to Dick as a “brat”, lol). I thought that the Loeb/Lee team was a match made in heaven (don’t get me started on Azzarello – he’s good, just not when it comes to superheroes IMHO), and I think that if ASB&R continues in the unique direction it’s heading towards that this could be THE ONE…

Onto the art.

What can I really say that hasn’t been thought or said by some fanboy…it’s just that dang good. Period. The opening splash is something that I spent no less than ten minutes staring at before I realized there were 20-something more pages to go, lol. Jim’s style has definitely progressed into something beyond great, and beyond anything I could ever imagine.

I haven’t been this anxious since Hush…

J out.

I loved the story too! it read so perfectly.

I liked the art too, I thought the last pinup was a great way to end it as well, I didn't like the Batmobile he did in this one, but pretty much loved every thing else too.

Yeah, the Batmobile may have been done differently...

I was a little confused, as I was assuming that this story was taking place "back in the day", but when I saw Vickie Vale with that earpiece, etc I realized that it was set in modern day times. I suppose that by the end I too expected a more "modern" rendition of the Batmobile, but what he drew worked.

And besides, I am positive that there will be a ton of different variations of the Batmobile as the series progresses.

went to 3 comic book shops and 2 of them sold out. crazy...all manage to get was the Robin cover but thats alright with me.

btw is Viki vale a real comic book character or they just took her from the movies? Anyways is it me or does Gotham look real different from HUSH?

On a side note just wondering how Jim is going to use his other bat costume designs from his skecth book in the series....I mean I loved the last pic with Batman picking up Dick Grayson and that Bat symbol is just so bold...but I wouldnt mind seeing some of his other alterations to the look and Robins too.

Viki Vale is an old Batman character from the 80's. The movie got her from the comics.

Dang! Kid Flash on the move w/that 80's comment! Good job!

GNF, I don't know exactly how they're going to incorporate the various costumes, etc. However, I do know that Robin chooses his costume/name himself - not Batman. Should be interesting nonetheless.

As far as Gotham goes, I am still confused as to what time period this story is set in so maybe that's why it looks a little different(?) In any case I like the the art deco look so far. It's almost as if it's set in modern day but with elements from the past...kinda the way Gotham is supposed to look, at least IMO.

Well remember these All Star stories are outside continuity and I thought I read somewhere that Miller wanted it to have a modern but timeless feel as well. Probably why you get the earpiece and the old school Batmobile.

Ah, astute as always...

Found your blog from www.trashygossip.com nice!

So did Batman really killed those policemen inside the car? smashed by the batmobile?

It felt like a quick read to me though. Maybe because I am too familiar with Robin's back story?

Love it though!

Seems to me that everyone in that police car got obliterated!

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