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How Does it Feel to Be No 1

It always feels good to win something, regardless of the magnitude of the prize. I recently participated in a contest on the Art of Jim Lee site on MSN, and these are my spoils of war. So, a HUGE shout-out to the guys over there (especially Eddy Choi) for hooking me up with these suh-weeet posters done by the man himself.

J out.

What's with the new DC logo? They've been puttin' that thing everywhere ever since Batman Begins came out.

Whaddya mean? It's their new logo...deal with it! Ha ha!!!

Basically, they thought it was time for an "update". I love the new logo, however, I think the "older" one looks better. The more I look at the new one tho the more I like it.


congrats for the posters!!!!
thanks also for the words on the blog!!.
My personal theory is that the logo tries to emulate the WB logo. well!!It is good but I go for the classicals...JESUS ANTONIO

I think the new logo's cool, I wasn't sayin' it sucked.

Yeah, I know, Kid Flash!

Oh, and Dadicus, the contest was for "who has the coolest blog", lol! Just Kidding!!

Basically, it was, "Who is your fav Robin; past, present, or future" I chose Carrie Kelly from TDKR. They selected names out of a hat, but I still feel ultra-special!

I can just FEEL Dadicus's jealousy! Dude, I can sense it! You want to have those posters soooo bad, LOL! Maybe if yer really nice...what? you nice? It would never happen, lol


Screw Dadicus...Im the jealous one! wth they had a contest? Danm mother f*cker !@#$.Feel like writing some curses but I forget that this is a family friendly site haha

This is not a family friendly site.

youre so lucky.. i envy you.... :) --kino--

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