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OMAC, Anyone?

This is really neat: EYE IN THE SKY

Also, 50 kudos to the person that can tell me what this building is.

J out.

in the reflection it looks like the worlds tllest building in.....singapour..I think, you know the one with the really big spires?? but if not I'll guess chicago?

The Baxter Building...or future corporate offices of Matt Owns The World Inc!

LOL! You guys are WAAAAY off - but Matt is closer =)


I don't know why I just said that. Does it have to do with Delicious Weenie inc.?

KID FLASH STRIKES AGAIN.........in Johnny Justice's bed???BATHROMM!!! I MEANT BATHROOM!!!!!

No one tell my parents I said that.

well he's gone gay now we can beat him up! LOL

Kid Flash will receive his beating via laser beams! And also 25 kudos since he was the closest to guess so far...

I'M NOT GAY!!!What are kudos!?!

KID FLASH STRIKES AGAIN.........wit da neighbahood snypa???

Hah, in his bed, I say he gets 10 more kudos for that. Also, the thing that Justice didn't tell us is that KF was closest on the bed part, not the broadway part.

Is it the K-rock building of Howard Stern FAME!!!!!!

Nope. C'mon, guys...think! Here's a hint: "The Purloined Letter"

Is it the Edgar Allen building??

AGGGHHHHH! You're killin' me!!! I meant think of the THEME of "The Purloined Letter" and relate it to this blog. Sheesh, I guess I gotta spell it out for you guys, lol.

Not only does the winner receive 50 kudos, but if Dadicus figures it out (since he's trying the hardest) he gets a bonus of 250 kudos!!!

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