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Take Care O' Yourself!

I start every morning off just about the same way: shower, shave(most of the time), fix a glass of water, take my vitamins (aside from a multi-vitamin, I also take vitamins C, B6, B12, Ginko Biloba, Omega-3 Fish Oils, Calcium, Glucosamine/Chondroitin, and various others), eat a bowl of Cheerios™, brush my teeth, and I’m off! Oh yeah, and I also get dressed (even tho it’s really humid here in Louisiana).

J out.

Now you and I can share a bitch fest about the humidity. Finally someone who'll understand!

Absolutely! Nobody understands that Louisiana's 90° is equivalent to everyone else's 120°!

DUDE I live in the hottest city in America!!!!!!!!!!!!

How ever when I first moved out here from Arkansas I laughed at the sissy's out here and thought "How can they call this (122 degrees)hot?" 13 years later I now know why! when you blood thins and your lung reajust to breathing 2% humidity if any it becomes very , Very , Very HOT!

But I still know the death that is breathing swamp ass air! and yes it is truly hotter in the south than anywhere else in America !

Thank you. It hits 75 degrees and we all start sweating. Damn humidity. The cold is really bad too, cause it stings.

Yeah, but our "cold" is like, 50°...lol

Yeah the south's weather just plain sucks ass, especially when it fluctuates.

Oh, believe me, I have a few choice words I could say regarding allergies...lol

Where do you live, Harvey?

Do you guys have any idea how retarded you sound talking about the wheather?

Probably about as retarded as you LOOK in boy's clothes...silly girl.


I'm living two clicks over in Alabama. Oh...don't get me started on Allergies...

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