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Warming-Up: Part I

I always make it a point to warm-up before doing any “major” drawing (i.e. pages). Some people don’t require this, but I do. Not only does it get your hand muscles loosened up, but this process also allows anything on your mind to dissolve – sort of a “winding down” so that by the time you are onto the “real drawing” you’re not worrying about a test coming up, or how much it’s going to cost to take your child to the doctor, lol.

I usually like to take 15-30 minutes to loosen up, and what you see here is a result of one of these warm-up sessions (okay, the lettering was done on the computer, lol). In fact, I have quite the collection of “el Patron” sequentials in my sketchbook. So many that I will be posting them every Tuesday and Thursday (at least it will move the blog along, heh). So you’re probably thinking, “Why is this is Spanish?!?” Because it fits. Oh, and J. Antonio please email me if the grammar is incorrect. For the rest of you, you’ll just have to CLICK ME for translations. For a better shot, HIT ME!

This should be fun =)

J out.

Finally. A picture of a GUY WITH PANTS ON......cough...cough......

I translated what that guy is saying earlier, but now I can't remember what he was saying. Probably something about PETER PANTLESS.

I think it was "You time has come -or run out Devil"

Close enough...those online translators suck for phrases which is why I may enlist the aid of J. Antonio!

hey Jason I am still waiting for what you want me to translate.
You might notice that the usage of those machines as translators doesn`t really work in all the cases.
because to say "Your time has come" is "Tu hora ha llegado" etc etc...Great day and just waiting dear Jason...JESUS ANTONIO

Anyone know how to switch images while keeping the comments, text, etc?

I have an updated version of this image and didn't want to have to create a new post.

I don't think that's possible. You have to put up a new post......SO I CAN KEEP UP MY ZOMBIE THIRST FOR BLOOD!!!HA!HA!HAAAA!!!!!

Yeah,.........I uh mean no! Man I barely keep my blog going let alone can figure out the intracacies of it's workings! LOL Jim Lee knows how I dare you to ask him .

I don't get it. Why does he have to be dared? How come he can't just go on JL's blog and ask?huh?

That's it...I'm going for it! Jim Lee, I am approaching...beware!!!

Why did you say thanks in advance? Now they're gonna' think yer some 13 year old loser with greasy hair.

Im shocked you did it! HA! HA! no one answer you they've become very distant since the whole Jim Lee yelling at me thing!!!!!! I rule!

Jim Lee yelled at you? If there's a story behind this, please tell it (it sounds funny).

I've commented on there before and I didn't get yelled at.

I was talking all kinds of shit about Top Cow and how their artist are taught to be Micheal Turner clones and Sylvestry clones. and Fearing his good Top cow buddies would get mad Jim yelled at me and used the reasoning of "We're all here to make art not stiefle' artist during their growing stages" and thats all good and all but they are also trying to make a buck on the glutten of young kids who'll buy any thing with tits on the cover. During his rant he pointed me out specifically and told me that if all I wanted to do was spew hatred I should do it else where!!!!!!!!!! (Jim Lee said this to ME!!!!) I almost cried! I appologized for like 6 posts and finally he said he'd forgiven me but that he didn't mean it for only me it was just that he was making an example of me to everyone else!!!!!! I was Jim Lee's teaching tool!!!!!!!! (and no Kid Flash before you or anyone else can say it, I wasn't any other kind of tool)

What I can say about Jim is that he is a real nice guy!!!
I dind`t know that story Dadicus, now you ave something to tell to your grandkids...:)
good day to you all!!...JESUS ANTONIO

I love the man like an artist father he is the reason I ever picked up a comic! My first was X-men #4 (Omega Red first appearance) and right then I was a Jim Lee Legionaire!!!!! The entire time he was writting all of that stuff on his blog it was always with the utmost courtesy, I knew I was in the wrong and quickly asserted my self to my art lord and master that is tha' Jim! I really felt bad and have always felt like I was one of those people he will remember to hate down the road!!!????????

just try not to have that moment to bother you in life...you are going to understand little by little that is only a matter of picking your battles...Dadicus..You are a nice guy!!
The way I always work is like this "I treat everybody the same, or in the same way I wish to be treated.." And well it works for me :) :)...JESUS ANTONIO

Oh you dirty bastard TAKING THE HIGH ROAD!!!!!!!!!!! how could you? I Kidd, I Kidd ! I know it's always simpler that way , It seems on the internet and posting and email it's so faceless it's easy to turn into a little brat or what ever......I thank you JESUS ANTONIO!!!!!!! I take your blessing to the heavens and beyond! -D

Plus wait till you see the Venger pic I have in store for you Jason, (It involves a Whip) now there an easy redneck/White supremist joke there, but take it to the naughty side and you'll be closer to the picture I've laid out for our hero!!! "VENGER!!!!!!!!!!"

Haha, Jim Lee soooooo hates Dadicus, he is just too nice to say it.

Are you allowed to type? Shouldn't you be painting ! HA! HA! HA! I hope he doesn't it would say a hole lot if the nicest guy in comics doesnt like you.....Ouch!

Jesus Antonio: THE nicest guy I know!

Dadicus: THE biggest prick, LOL!!! I didn't realize that was you that got yer hand slapped by Jim, ha ha...I remember all of that - it was during the whole "Iron Chef" phase of their blog. Too funny...

Kid Flash: THE greasiest 13-yer old!

I earned that title fair and square and there's nothing you can do about it, Justice.

LOL! You're a good sport.

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