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Warming Up: Part II

Well, it’s Thursday and we know what that means, boys and girls?!? More senseless violence! Hurray for guns, lol!

Page 2 (or dos, lol) of my warm-ups. Special thanks to J. Antonio for translating the script.

I didn’t want to re-post page 1 simply because of repetition’s sake, and besides, the fourth comment under the post gives you the dialogue anyway.

For those of you just joining us, we find our anti-hero, "El Patron" in the midst of a job. See post below for explanations on what is going on with this series and why it exists. Oh, and the above image does not need any explanation, or at least I don't think it does, lol.

BTW the orange letters on the top right of this blog aren't there for cosmetics. And while yer at it, check out the WIP link beneath my sig - it stands for Work In Progress, which means that yours truly has yet another book coming out. More info to come on this project for Arcana. So go ahead, click 'em...

J out.

I have only read one comic book with senseless violence and that comic was Johnny The Homicidal Maniac.

Yeah, doin' these El Patron comics on tuesdays & thursdays is a good way to keep the blog moving.

I agree. Hopefully it will keep Dadicus from posting "dead blog"...at least for a while =)

Wait. You agree about the JTHM thing or the El Patron thing?


I still don't understand why Dadicus hates Jhonen Vasquez, But I do know that he loves to make fun of Jhonen's name.

Jason my pleasure to help!!! :)
And guys thanks a lot for the words you wrote about me in the other post..thank you so much!!.You have made my day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

Who here has read The Death Of Superman?

I think we're all guilty of reading it...

Yeah, I just read that and then drew a pic of Doomsday and I was wondering, how did Supes come back to life?

Congrats on the work in progress thing I'm so excited my pants are bulging???? Wait thats not right?????? LOL

Dude that friggn Rocks however you might want to explain to everybody else!

Everyone's blog is dead.

O it felt like forever since I was here. Sorry for sorta stirring things up about where it came to a point where people were wondering if I was dead or not. You know the odd thing was that during my time off I was thinking...."I could be dead in real life and no one would know....so then Ill have people like Dadicus leaving comments like "dead blog" 24/7 and theyll just think im lazy...but Im not....Im dead!" hahaha anyways again sorry but thats what happens with summer vacation hah

So yeah wish I passed spanish 1 in school but with violence I guess you really dont need any sort of verbal communications or watnot. But If Im getting it right youll be posting up sequential art from ur sketch book every so on? if thats that then cant wait to see more! In fact thats a pretty danm good idea...maybe I should try and do that.

So yeah to keep this comment as short as possible (<---- writing that...and this doesnt help it any shorter) got your email. Just wondering specifically what title you and Matt will be working on? unless your not allowed to give that info out.Anyways like I said on Dadicus blog "Anyways glad to see everyone else is kicking and keeping there blogs up and running. Ill try to keep up with you speedsters"

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