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Warming Up: Part III

Third installment of the “El Patron” warm-ups. The chick actually DOES serve a purpose…no, not THAT purpose. There may be more to “El Patron” than you think…

Dialogue translates to: "El Patron...Have you forgotten about me?"

J out.

You should also have it in English because those translators just plain suck and I refuse to use them.

If I am not treated with respect I will take a crap on your blog.

- Diva Chris

Will there ever be a warm up with more than three panels? I'm guessing that there won't be.


Hahah, the translation in the stupid translator is, "Are you forgetting my?" I DEMAND A CORRECT TRANSLATION!!!

WHAH!, I'm Johnny Justice I draw squigally lines for hair WHAH, I got a new comic deal WHAH!, I got a hot wife and great kids Whah !,...........

WHAH!,My Names DADICUS WHAH!, I don't have any of the above mentioned, WHAH! LOL

boy that turned around on me........DAMN IT!!!!!!

I like those hips!!!!

I still dig the hell out of your style J.

You guys drink waaaaay too much caffeine, lol.

Her lips are screwed up in the first panel.

Since this sketching sesion was done in about 20 minutes, let me see what you can come up with that looks better. My email is jason.ossman@gmail.com


You have until tomorrow morning to produce something, and if you don't you will be regarded forever as a scared little girl that can't put her money where her mouth is, no pun intended!!!!!

I hope he drew somthing in those 20 min besides invader zim???? I'll call him to see if he had the balls to answer the call of the WARRIOR!!!!!!!


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