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Warming Up: Part IV

In Part 3 of the “warm-up sessions” we found that there may be more to El Patron than simply putting bullets through people’s heads…



“…in another time…”

J out.

I like how the story is steadily unfolding in this and I am very grateful for the translation. I love the pose of him walking away, has a sleek almost...dare-I-say sexiness to it.


Glad yer enjoying it, Chris! And our man El Patron has "sexiness" written all over his Hawaiian shirt!!

All the El Patron pages have a very (Jim Lee inking himself quality) cool look!

There is alot of Blogs, I never guessed I'd find some usefull information.

I'll be back later to see if anymore good updates are available.

I love when I find usefull info. Thanks

Wow I have been searching all day and finaly some information I can use. Thanks

I love blogging! DO you?

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