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Warming Up: Part V

Part five of the “sketchbook warm-up chronicles”…We find El Patron leaving the favelas, or slums, of Bairro dos Prazeres (Borough of Pleasures). Now I know what some of you are thinking – Brasilians don’t speak Spanish, but this is my story, and later you will see why they are speaking Spanish in a Portuguese-speaking nation.

The car, of course, is all-American, lol.

Translation: "...in another place..."

J out.

I have to say Im really enjoying the artwork your doing. Even though these are warm up they are really good! Especially this one. It just seems like your making good use with each line and each one has a purpose. Very neat. Like the car a lot as well! Now....if only this was in english hah

Boy, the placing in this sketch is tha' bomb.

Yes I have to agree, you are THE KING OF ART BLOGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Shucks, guys, you really shouldn't have!

Seriously, though, the "King" of art bloggers I am not - the king of wannabes maybe...just maybe...=)


I really like the birds! they always add alot of believability as far as I'm concerned, birds and the phone lines are the real key to this piece!

It's dem little things that matter most, lol


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