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Warming Up: Part VII

I have been taking part in a two-person interview (Matt Spatola and myself) from Silver Bullet Comics for the past couple of days, and it has been really fun! There have been quite a few questions that I’m glad were asked, and some things that I have been wanting to say, but never had the platform to do so. Look for it soon and of course I will post a link when it is up =)

Oh yeah, translation: “My last assignment…evoked too many emotions”

J out.

It's all warm an' beany!HEE!HEE!

Hell yes man, hell yes. There should be a story all about druggies...him killing druggies, because all druggies deserve to die.

Oh I see- I'm just a 'person' now huh? I guess I'm not special enough to have a name!

Dang it, Matt! LOL!

A guy going around killing "druggies." Sounds like The Crow comic book.

Just busting on ya'...I'm eager to see it when it is done!


Jason I have to say it again. I love your background!

come on join the Jam!.........(like I really need to invite you!!!!)

I liked it! Keep posting.. =)


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